Don’t think, feel it!


It doesn’t matter how hard you try, probably, is not gonna work.

It doesn’t matter if all you can see now it’s colorful, the sky is getting dark and I have to tell you, even if you wasn’t feeling like hugging her the last time, you’ll gonna miss that moment.

She’s right there in front of you, your fingers can touch her, but not your words, you just can’t mess with her thoughts. Did you notice that everytime that you have an answer to her not-questioned doubts, she runs and changes her mind? She’s gone again.

How many times did you almost tell her how important she is, but the fear shuts you? Maybe she reads in your eyes, but the doubt stills there, so, what you’re gonna do?

It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t planned, the fact is: it’s real and the time is not waiting for you anymore.

Don’t think, feel it! Don’t think, feel!

Go ahead and tell her that it doesn’t matter where your thoughts are or how is gonna be in the future, today, she’s everything you want.

PS: Dear readers, please tell me about grammatical mistakes.